Apartment Guide Article


Unlike the other hill resorts in Malaysia, most of the apartment units in Cameron Highlands are privately owned and located in residential areas. These are primarily build for local residents but with the increasing tourist arrivals, most of these units are bought as investments by the locals and even outsiders. The rental returns typically can beat most conservative investments however with the increasing number of apartments being built, this can change anytime soon.

With the exception of Equatorial Hotel, Strawberry Park, Parkland Apartments and other major hotels, all the other units you find for rent are private units. The quality of these private units can vary from small basic units with cheap blankets and no balcony to nicely done up units with duvets/comforters and balcony with good views.

The basic units which typically resemble an Asian home are mostly meant for local tourist while the higher end units are recommended for foreigners and the higher end traveler. Price wise, they can be almost the same if you know where to look.

This article is to serve as a general guide to help you choose your apartment especially if you have never stayed in any apartments in Cameron Highlands before.

Note: This is just a guide to describe the apartments in Cameron Highlands and not a recommendation.

Apartments in Cameron Highlands

Managed Apartments
- Entire block managed by a single management (eg Parkland Apartment in Brinchang.
- Part of a hotel (eg, Equatorial Hotel and Strawberry Park Resort)


  • Standard Quality, same look and feel for all the units
  • Reception area for check-in / check-out.
  • Standard hotel service
  • Includes other hotel facilities (restaurant, spa etc)
  • Prices are fixed


  • Cost-per-person is higher
  • Most of these are located further away from the main town area. You will have to rely on hotel shuttle (if available) or taxi if you don’t have your own transport.
  • No cooking allowed.
  • Generally 1-3 room apartment.
  • No BBQ facility (except for Parkland)

Private Apartments
- Most of the apartment for rent in Cameron Highlands fall under this category.
- Managed by individual owners or managed by home based companies who rent out the apartments on behalf of the owners.
- The popular ones are Greenhill, Prima Villa, Royal Lily, Desa Anthurium, Carnation Park & Villa Dahlia.
- Generally 2-3 rooms apartments.


  • Flexible on number of person. Some apartments can fit up to 10 people
  • Cooking facilities provided
  • Look and feel like home. Ideal for family gathering
  • Some apartment provide BBQ facilities


  • No reception for check-in / check-out. You have to call the owner or the agent to get the keys.
  • Look and feel not standard. Some are very basic while some are hotel standard.
  • Price fluctuates depending on demand.
  • Service varies between different owners/agents