Travel Tips

Before finally booking and enjoying your package holiday deals, it would really be advisable and helpful if you would take time to read some travel tips written on this page. These bits of information would undoubtedly help you enjoy your vacations in Cameron Highlands to the fullest. Read through them, and be oriented with practically everything that you need to know as you spend the ultimate holiday of your life in Cameron Highlands.


When to visit Cameron Highlands
The best time to visit Cameron Highlands is during the off peak season or during the weekdays. It can get really crowded here with during the school holiday weekends and festive holidays and traffic can get really bad especially around the towns and tourist spots. Driving from Tapah or Ipoh can also take twice as long during these times.

Road Travel
Be careful when driving to Cameron Highlands especially if you are a first timer. There are a lot of trucks and buses on the roads here most of the time. Overtaking can be a challenge especially on the Tapah-CH road. If you are not confident, just follow the vehicle in front you at a slow speed. Usually the local trucks and buses will signal for you to overtake when it is safe. During the rainy season, you can expect small rocks and tree branches on the roads.

If you are an inexperienced driver, avoid travelling at night if possible since there are no street light all along the way and there is very limited mobile phone coverage.


Petrol Stations
Make sure you have at least half tank of fuel before you start your journey from the expressway exit. Petrol stations in Cameron Highlands are only available in the following towns :

  • Ringlet – Shell & Petronas
  • Brinchang – Shell & Petronas


The towns
Tanah Rata – This is where most of the smaller hotels, lodges and guest houses are located. Tanah Rata is generally more quiet and less crowded even during the peak season and it is the spot most backpackers prefer to stay. If you want to enjoy some peace and quiet, this is the place to stay.

Brinchang – Weekend night maket is located here and its only 5-10 minutes drive to the Kea Farm area. Traffic and parking can be a big problem during the peak season. This is the place to stay if you dont mind the crowd.


What to Wear
These days, you can make do with shorts and t-shirt during the day. The temperature can drop in the late evenings or when it rains and a light jacket would come in handy during times like this. Generally it can get very cold at night especially during the rainy season.

If you are planning to spend most of your day in the outdoors, do carry an umbrella with you or get one of those disposable plastic raincoat as it rains a lot here.


Credit Card
Credit cards are accepted in most big hotels. You may not be able use credit cards at smaller hotels and almost all of the restaurants here. You may want to check whether your credit card is accepted by looking for the credit card signs at the entrance.


Price of goods
Prices for general goods and food in Cameron Highlands is almost the same as anywhere else in West Malaysia. Some restaurants tend to overcharge especially during peak season. This is more common in Brinchang where most of the restaurants which caters to tourists are located.


Mobile Phone Coverage & Internet Cafe
Coverage for mobile phones are only available in and around major towns. All the way from Ringlet to Kampung Raja you will have no problems using your phone. Available coverage are Maxis (012,017), Celcom (013,019) & Digi (016).

There are a number of internet cafe’s available and most of them are located in Tanah Rata. Most guest houses and hotels also provide internet services.


Banks & Money Changers
The following banks can be found in Cameron Highlands:

- Maybank (This bank also operates a money changer which is open 7 days a week)
- Bank Simpanan
- Hong Leong Ban
- CIMB Bank
- Bank Pertanian

- Public Bank

- CIMB Bank